Milliken Signature Plus

This fabric is the premier table linen fabric spun to feel like cotton. The durability of this Milliken fabric offers long life and color retention for your table cloth and napkins.


Manufacturer: Milliken

Note: These pictures may not depict the true colors of the fabric. For a better look at the fabric, please request a sample.

Belize Blue 3529Belize Blue 3529Cayenne 5551Cayenne 5551Olive 3712Olive 3712Pistachio 3465Pistachio 3465Beige 7284Beige 7284Bermuda Sand 7043Bermuda Sand 7043Black 6297Black 6297Chocolate 7979Chocolate 7979Dark Burgundy 1861Dark Burgundy 1861Dark Forest Green 3385Dark Forest Green 3385Dusty Rose 1113Dusty Rose 1113Forest Green 3130Forest Green 3130Gold 4866Gold 4866Ivory 9245Ivory 9245Light Peach 5428Light Peach 5428Maize 4504Maize 4504Maroon 0995Maroon 0995Medrite Gray 6439Medrite Gray 6439Navy Blue 2006Navy Blue 2006Peach 5786Peach 5786Pink 1025Pink 1025Purple 8871Purple 8871Red 1598Red 1598Royal Blue 2983Royal Blue 2983Rust 5000Rust 5000Sandalwood 7597Sandalwood 7597Seafoam 3800Seafoam 3800Teal 3444Teal 3444Wedgewood Blue 2228Wedgewood Blue 2228White 9680White 9680